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Temporary Housing and Corporate Rentals in the Greater NJ Rentals area

Whether you are just visiting the NJ Rentals area for a short amount of time or you want to spend some time in a neighborhood before you make a final purchase or rental decision, temporary housing options are an excellent choice. With temporary house, you are not required to sign a lease or to commit to a long term stay. Temporary housing and corporate rentals in NJ Rentals are perfect for families who want to test out an area, executives who are in the area on short term work assignments and even for college students who aren't really sure where they want to stay yet.

Many temporary housing options in NJ Rentals are pet friendly and some even include accommodations such as furniture and utilities. In NJ Rentals, temporary housing prices usually range from about $800 per month for a one bedroom up to and well over $2,000 per month for a corporate rental. Most temporary housing options in the area are available on a monthly basis but some can be found with weekly rates as well.

Below are links to some temporary housing providers in the NJ Rentals area:

Short Term Stays NJ Rentals
NJ Rentals Short Term and Corporate Apartment Rentals Referral Service that's Completely Free!

Oakwood Temporary Housing
Corporate housing and temporary housing in the NJ Rentals area. Short term and extended stays available.

Short Term and Corporate Housing NJ Rentals
Temporary relocation accommodations, furnished apartments in NJ Rentals, and short-term corporate lodging.